About Me

I am a graduate student in the DICE Lab at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of New York University. Prior to this, I was a graduate student at Iowa State Univeristy (ISU), and I have been working with Dr. Chinmay Hegde since August 2016.

I am also currently a Data Science Research Intern at Adobe Research, for Summer 2020, where I am being mentored by Dr. Vishy Swaminathan.

My interests lie in the intersection of signal processing and machine learning. During the course of my PhD so far, I have worked on several problems in inverse imaging, such as compressed sensing, phase retrieval, HDR imaging and regression problems in machine learning. I have recently been working on solving inverse problems with deep untrained networks as well as deep generative networks as priors. Parallely, I have been working on developing algorithms to train adversarially robust neural network models. I also enjoy writing about about some of my pseudo-scientific musings on my blog called The Cognitive Vortex.

I am an alumnus of the BITS Pilani Goa, where I earned dual degrees in Physics (M.Sc.) and Electrical and Electronics Engineering (B.E.) in 2015.